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What Makes Us Different?

Coamesa is a small distribution company, which allows us to focus more on developing brands, but since we are part of a large conglomerate, we have the resources and know-how to act like a bigger distributor.

COAMESA is part of the Pasquí Group

We are part of a solid regional Group

Founded in 1937, Pasquí Group has more than 1,100 employees throughout Central America and Panama. Our group is composed of a wide variety of companies: Energy, Technology, Hospitality, Agroindustrial, Logistics, Commercial, are some of the areas where we operate. Pasquí Group has its headquarters in Costa Rica.

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Coamesa has been Bayer’s commercial partner for over 12 years, selling our pest control products nationally and internationally. We consider Coamesa a responsible company that is focused on results, and which we expect to grow in coming years."

Ivan Saballos S.Sales Coordinator - Central America and the Dominican Republic

Services Coamesa Offers:

  • 17 Distribution Centers in Central America
  • Over 1000 delivery trucks.
  • Group owned fiscal and general warehouses.
  • International transportation.
  • Customs Agency.

Now that you know our capabilities, allow us to market your brand in the region and take it to the next level.

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Our Brands

Coamesa has developed or acquired regional brands, some of which we manufacture, which we offer throughout the Central American region and Panama.

Third Party Brands

Coamesa sells brands owned by third parties in Central America and Panama.  In order to provide better focus and execution, we do not work with brands that compete with each other, and we are selective as to which brands we take in.

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Coamesa can help develop your brands regionally.

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Tel.: +506 2549 9200 800-COAMESA
Fax: +506 2219 8129




  • From Oficentro Santa Rosa, 300 meters South, in Santa Rosa de Heredia. Costa Rica.